These Terms and Conditions (GTC) form the basis for a hiring contract between Udo Lidl – NIE: X9471964N (hirer) and the renter. They relate to the hire of motorcycles, 125ccm scooters, quads, bicycles, e­bikes, stand up paddle, kayaks, trikes and slingshots. Any further services in connection with the hired vehicles or products (incentives, organized tours, etc.) are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective tour operator. Any divergent or additional agreement requires written form.

Only on Trike and Slingshot Tours guided by us

  1. exclusively a fully comprehensive coverage with 3.000€ of excess can be taken out for 15€-30€ (depending on the duration of the tour and the vehicle).
  2. the fuel costs are covered by the hirer.
  3. no deposit has to be provided.
  4. the minimum age is 21 years and the driver must be in posession of his driving license for at least 2 years.

Only on Quad­Tours guided by us

  1. a fully comprehensive coverage with 2.000€ of excess is included in the price.
  2. the fuel costs are covered by the hirer.
  3. no deposit has to be provided.
  4. the minimum age is 21 years and the driver must be in posession of his driving license for at least 2 years.

1. Conclusion

The renter can book the desired vehicle or product by phone, mail, fax, Internet or by e-mail. He will then receive a written confirmation from the hirer.

2. Payment ­ Security – Deposit – Final payment

After receiving the booking confirmation, the total amount is due to be paid within 7 days.
The booking will only be effective, if the amount is credited to the indicated business account within the specified period. The deposit is 500€ for HONDA motorcycles and CF quads with an excess of 2.000€, 300€ for all Piaggio scooter of 125ccm with an excess of 1.000€ and € 3.000 for trikes. Deposits are to be paid in cash or by credit card on site at pickup of the vehicle. Partial payments are possible on request, however the minimum amount has to be 50% of the total. The remaining 50% are to be paid on site at pickup of the vehicle.

3. Service and Price

The booking confirmation of the hirer enlists all individual services and the total price of the booking. Unlisted individual services, demanded by the customer when the contract is concluded or at pickup, must be paid seperately. Generally the customer receives the vehicle he has booked, eventhough it can vary in color and features of the model shown on the website or in the brochure. This is not considered a service change. If a change is due to conditions which are beyond the hirers' influence, and the desired vehicle is not available on short­term, the next higher vehicle category (group) available will be offered to the renter totally free of charge. If the hired vehicle belongs to the highest group, the renter will receive a trike of the same group; a further claim for compensation is excluded.

4. Rescission of the contract by the customer

In case the renter withdraws from the contract, we reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees: 1 Week before arrival 100%, 2 Weeks before 80%, 3 Weeks before 60% and 4 before Weeks 50% of the total rental. Moreover, the renter is free to prove the hirer of a minor damage. Changes of dates and / or vehicles can only be made prior arrangement, withdrawing from the existing contract followed by a new booking. Any payments of the prior contract will be credited to the new booking.

5. Cancellation by the hirer

If, for any reason beyond the influence of the hirer (acts of god, strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, etc.), a confirmed rental has to be cancelled, the full amount that has been paid by the renter will be refunded. Further claims excluded. Furthermore, a rental contract can be cancelled by the hirer with immediate effect, if one or more obligations of the rental terms are not complied by the renter, or if he has been acting in contrary to them. In consequence, the hired vehicle will be recovered by the hirer excluding any refund of the rental price.

6. Compliance with regulations

The renter solely is responsible for complying with the respective road traffic regulations. Each renter travels at his own risk and shall be liable under the statutory liability for damages inflicted on passengers or other road users.

7. Passport, visa, health regulations and driving licence

The renter solely is responsible for complying with the requirements estabished on the Balearic Islands, refering to passport, visa, health, and the driving licence regulations, just as well as for respecting the traffic rules. In case the renter fails to comply with these regulation and thereby is unable to take over the vehicle he has booked or he has to return it prematurely, the hirer is exempt from liability and has no obligation to refund any payments on account.

8. Liability

The hirer is liable within the stipulations of the liability insurance and for the conscientious care and technical state of the vehicle. In case of breakdown of a vehicle during the rental period, the hirer will strive towards a substitute immediately. However, he has no obligation to do so.
The renter is fully responsible for all damages caused by himself to the rented vehicle, resulting from improper use or by causing a traffic accident, as well as for any resulting costs of third parties, such as recovery costs etc. The renter is also liable for loss or theft of the rented vehicle.

9. Complaints

The renter is obligated to report immediately any service disruptions and damages on the rented vehicle and to go any reasonable lenghts for keeping the damage as little as possible.

10. Jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction is agreed mutually in Palma de Mallorca.

11. Final Provisions

All contractual agreements must be in writing. This also applies for a waiver of this clause. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The parties are obliged to replace the invalid provisions by provisions that come as close as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.



During the introduction the driver has been advised repeatedly to remove the feet from the pedals after EACH brake or clutch application.
The hand brake is to loosen COMPLETELY.
In case of hearing a loud signal (overheating of the engine) the driver is obliged to pull over immediately, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine.
Any type of incident has to be reported immediately to the hirer. In case of damages caused by disrespect, the renter is liable in its entirety for towing costs + repairing charges + loss of rent.