Terms of hire

Only on Trike and Slingshot Tours guided by us

  1. exclusively a fully comprehensive coverage with 3.000€ of excess can be taken out for 15€-30€ (depending on the duration of the tour and the vehicle).
  2. the fuel costs are covered by the hirer.
  3. NO deposit has to be provided.
  4. the minimum age is 21 years and the driver must be in posession of his driving license for at least 2 years.

Only on Quad­Tours guided by us

  1. a fully comprehensive coverage with 2.000€ of excess is included in the price.
  2. the fuel costs are covered by the hirer.
  3. NO deposit has to be provided.
  4. the minimum age is 21 years and the driver must be in posession of his driving license for at least 2 years.

1. Minimum age

The minimum age for renting a vehicle is 25 years. The driver must be in posession of his driving license for at least 2 years and it has to be valid to drive the selected vehicle.

2. Rent

  1. Purpose of the contract with the Car Hire is the temporary loan of the booked vehicle or product. The mentioned vehicles are licenced as self­drive rental vehicles.
  2. All prices are unlimited kilometers, including liability insurance plus a deposit of 500€ and 2.000€ of excess for HONDA motorcycles and CF quads, 300€ for all Piaggio 125ccm scooter with 1.000€ of excess and 3.000€ of excess for all trikes. Fuel costs are not included.
  3. The excess, or at least the deposit for the vehicle, is payable before handover in cash or by credit card (Euro / Mastercard / VISA). The full deposit amount has to be paid.
  4. If the vehicle is returned before expiry of the former agreed rental period, the total cost agreed on in the contract must be paid anyway.

3. Obligations of the renter

The renter has to handle the vehicle or product with care and, in particular, respect the technical regulations and instructions, just as well as to ensure road safety. Oil, water level, tire pressure and the correct tension of the drive chain should be checked regularly by the renter during the entire rental period. The renter must comply with the legal requirements, especially the road traffic laws. He is responsible for all administrative fees, fines and penalties, based on its use of the vehicle or product.
It is specifically prohibited for the renter to:

  1. leave the vehicle or product to any third person who is not named in the contract as authorized driver.
  2. leave the vehicle or product to such an authorized driver when this person has been banned from driving by the authorities, he is not in possession of a valid driving licence or when he is not roadworthy.
  3. use the motorized vehicle when a ban was imposed against the renter or he is not in possession of a valid driving licence.
  4. use the vehicle or product in unroadworthy state.
  5. participate in motorsport events of any kind including the associated practice drives.
  6. use the motorized vehicle off­road, in woods or on the beach. It is only allowed to drive on public roads.
  7. carry out manipulations on the speedometer. Any defects on the speedometer have to be reported immediately to the hirer.
  8. pledge the vehicle or product, sell it or dispose of the vehicle or product or its seperate parts, such as equipment, accessories or documents, in specific ways, which could harm the hirers right of ownership or any other rights.
  9. abandon the hired vehicle or product in a non theft­proof condition.
  10. ship the hired vehicle or product outside the territory of the Balearic Islands. The shipping from Mallorca to another balearic island has to be reported to the hirer in advance.

4. Obligations and liability of the hirer

The hirer hands out the vehicle or product in perfect, clean, operationally safe and roadworthy condition and with undamaged sealings of various component parts, protective clothing (helmets, lifejackets etc.). Further claims, for whatever legal reason, are excluded, unless the damage for the renter is based on plain purpose or gross negligence on part of the hirer.

5. Liability of the renter for damages

From the moment of hand­over until the actual return of the vehicle or product the renter is also responsible for slight negligence regarding foundering of a vessel (including loss or confiscation of the vehicle or product) and for all damages (such as accident or operational damage, damage caused by improper treatment and loss in value) arising beyond normal wear out on the vehicle or product during the rental period. The renter is liable for any actual costs arising regarding the vehicle or product: repair costs established by an expert opinion, rescue and repatriation costs, expert costs, technical and economic impairment, loss of rent during the repair time and, in case of a total loss, the replenishment lead time. As of rent a regular daily fee is to be compensated per day. The renters right to proof a minor damage is reserved. The renter is also liable for additional hired accessories.

6. How to behave during accidents and other damages

In case of any loss or damage, even when there is no third parties involved, the renter is obliged to notify the hirer by phone immediately. Towing and / or repair services shall be ordered only after consultation with the hirer. The police has to be called immediately in any accident. Evidences (witnesses, tracks, etc.) must be secured to determine the data of the involved. Furthermore anything possible has to be done to contribute to a correct and complete clarification of the accident. The renter agrees to not submit any acknowledgment of a debt nor any other action (payment, comparisons) that could endanger the insurances cover.

7. Insurance coverage

The motorized vehicle has a generel liability insurance coverage for personal injury, property damage and financial loss. The amount insured rises up to 50 million euro for third party damages, whilst the benefit, in case of personal injury, is limited to 8 million euro per injured person.
At pick up the renter has to provide a deposit of 500€ with 2.000€ of excess for HONDA motorcycles and CF quads, 300€ with 1.000€ of excess for all Piaggio scooters with 125ccm and 3.000 for trikes in cash or by credit card. The full amount will be refunded as the vehicle has been returned undamaged.
The renter is explicitly advised that he is also totally liable for damages, when he or his auxiliary person:

  1. ignores the contractual obligations in accordance with paragraph 4.
  2. leaves the scene of an accident without permission, when culpables are involved
  3. causes damages by a willful or gross negligence.
  4. exceeds the agreed rental period contrary to the contract.

8. Vehicle or product return

The motorized vehicle is handed over to the renter fully fueled, clean, in perfect conditions and without any apparent defects. Therefore the renter is obliged to return the vehicle or product in the same conditions at the end of the rental period at the place, date and time agreed on with all papers, keys, tools and accessories. In case of loss of any tool, the vehicle key and / or the vehicle documents, these must be replaced by the renter. When the vehicle or product is severely soiled the renter will pay any upcoming cleaning costs.
If the return time is exceeded by more than two hours, the renter is obliged to pay an additional day of rent as compensation. The renter is entitled to prove that the damage caused to the hirer by exeeding the period is null or smaller than indicated.
The hirer may cancel the rental agreement without notice, for any important reason known, that could make the continuation of the contract unacceptable. Important reasons apply in particular to a misrepresentation of the hirer refering to his personal data or reliability, such as a serious breach of contractual obligations. In case of an immediate termination of the contract, the hired vehicle or product has to be returned straight away before expiration of the ordinary rental period. In addition, claims for damages from the hirer shall not be affected.



During the introduction the driver has been advised repeatedly to remove the feet from the pedals after EACH brake or clutch application.
The hand brake is to loosen COMPLETELY.
In case of hearing a loud signal (overheating of the engine) the driver is obliged to pull over immediately, stop the vehicle and switch off the engine.
Any type of incident has to be reported immediately to the hirer. In case of damages caused by disrespect, the renter is liable in its entirety for towing costs + repairing charges + loss of rent